TED Relocation

Tyne Electro Diesel Limited is proud to announce that it has now completed its relocation to 20,000 ft. sq. premises on Walker Riverside by the Offshore Technology Park, a very suitable location considering our business.

Out of the old, into the new…



in more ways than one



We have rebranded with a new logo, a new website, while retaining specialist expertise, core competencies and, of course, highly trained staff.

For those who don’t know TED:

Tyne Electro Diesel (TED) are specialists in fuel injection. We are proud to have access to our very own in-house, independent heavy-duty diesel fuel injection workshop, fully equipped with the highest quality fuel injection equipment.

We utilise OEM standard fuel injection test equipment, which is manufactured in the UK by our sister company, Merlin Diesel Systems Ltd. Before any fully reconditioned products are released, we always ensure that the most comprehensive static and dynamic test procedures for fuel pumps and injectors of all major engine manufacturers are carried out.



Our vast warehouse holds comprehensive stocks of genuine spare parts, helping to reduce downtime for our clients when requiring spares, quickly. With our highly trained and experienced technicians available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, we ensure to serve our clients’ needs as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Well known for our expertise in heavy-duty diesel fuel injection in Marine, Offshore, Power and Rail, TED has workshops cells in our new facility specifically allocated for Automotive, Truck and Bus too. Additionally, we intend to expand into Off-Highway and Agricultural sectors. Look out for further news on exciting new agencies.

Naturally, TED would like to welcome clients, colleagues and friends to an Open Day when circumstances allow. A further announcement on this will be made when possible.

In the meantime feel free to contact us via telephone or website for further information.